JULY 28 - 29, 2020

The Investment, Innovation and Marketing Strategies Propelling the Sex Tech Industry from Stigma to Success.

SXTech Virtual Summit

Long considered taboo by society, SexTech has been quietly emerging as a fast-growth category in personal wellness and mental health. As societal norms continue to adapt to changing perceptions on other, formally taboo areas such as cannabis and psychedelics, the investment opportunities can come more clearly into focus. Register today for the SXTech Virtual Summit and gain the critical knowledge needed to navigate the investment, regulatory and consumer environment from those on the forefront of the industry.

What is Sex Tech?

Sex Tech describes an ecosystem of innovation that increases inclusion, access and understanding of intimate wellness. Products range from stimulation devices to sexual aids to content platforms to medical health implements and beyond.

As our culture gradually shifts beyond stigmas and taboos to an understanding of sexual wellness as a key element of overall health, opportunities to invest in Sex Tech, to sell new products and to better understand ourselves and each other increase.

SXTech will address the primary challenges of this industry by connecting creators, investors, marketers and founders for a virtual knowledge-sharing and collaboration event.


Frances Tang
Taylor Sparks
Maddy Siriouthay
Suzanne Sinatra
Narine Semerdjian
MaryEllen Reider
Audrie Pagano
Gerda Larsson
Liz Klinger
Alessandra Henderson
Lex Gillon
Kathrin Folkendt
Raven Faber
Mike Edelhart
Suki Dunham
Mia Davis
Najva Sol
Genevieve LeJeune
Lora DiCarlo
Lyndsey Harper, MD
Jeff Bennett
Polly Rodriguez
Anita Little
Shakun Sethi


  • Build relationships with the Investors and Founders shaping the future of Sex Tech
  • Find new inroads into marketing channels that drive revenue for otherwise taboo brands
  • Increase Access and Inclusion in the Sex Tech Industry
  • Learn the legal risks facing Sex tech companies and opportunities for legal recourse in cases of discrimination
  • Be the First to View the Future of Sex Tech including Robotics, XR, and Biometrics



  • Learn about a new category for investment


  • Connect with Peers and investors


  • Keep up to date with innovative products

Virtual Events Platform

Momentum’s Virtual Events Platform (VEP) has been designed to achieve every single conference objective – minus the impossible, the handshake. Designed on the latest technological platforms, and seamlessly integrated with Momentum’s best in class infrastructure, attending a Momentum Virtual Event will be the next best thing to sitting in the conference session. To learn more about our Virtual Platform click here, and to find out more about hosting your own VEP, email ve@momentumevents.com

Sponsorship Opportunities

If you are interested in promoting your services to our curated audience of senior decision makers at SXTech Virtual Summit, contact us at: sponsorinfo@momentumevents.com.



Morari Medical


SexTech Magazine


Startup Basecamp

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