Agenda 2020

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Introduction to the Virtual Event Platform

  • Marni Edelhart, Conference Producer

Welcoming Remarks from the Summit Chair

  • Polly Rodriguez, CEO & Co-Founder, Unbound

Keynote – SexTech: Understanding the Current Landscape and Opportunities for Growth

Sexual pleasure and wellness have offered business opportunities since the very earliest days of commerce. Every new technological breakthrough from the printing press to photography, to moving pictures to the internet has inspired parallel development specific to sexual pleasure and/or understanding. The current Sex Tech landscape is experiencing a boom fueled by multiple factors. Understanding the changing opportunities, customer needs, and social influences shaping Sex Tech will help you develop and/or grow your business. Some factors to be addressed during this keynote include:

  • The intersections of sexual pleasure and personal wellness
  • How rapid technological iteration is impacting Sex Tech development
  • The roles of both content and devices in meeting the needs of a more inclusive spectrum of needs.
  • Anita Little, Features Editor, Playboy

Medical Drivers for Sex Tech Innovation and Adoption: How Collaboration Between Medical Professionals and Entrepreneurs Can Support Legitimacy

One of the reasons that the Sex Tech industry has so often been relegated to the realms of vice is that sexual pleasure has been de-prioritized by medical professionals. More recently however, medicine and academia have re-invigorated efforts to address the biological causes of sexual challenges. During this session urologist Dr. Matthew Zielgelmann will discuss opportunities for collaboration between medical professionals and sex tech entrepreneurs with a particular focus on:

  • Current issues related to male sexual health
  • What he sees from patients as unmet needs
  • How to use clinical data to advance sex tech market
  • Dr. Matthew Zieglemann, Assistant Professor of Urology, The Mayo Clinic

Successful Strategies for Overcoming Marketing Challenges in the Sex Tech Industry: Influencers, Content and PR

Increasing Sex Tech adoption has not yet successfully removed the stigma related to public conversations and acceptance of sexuality. Many social networks and public spaces refuse to advertise any product that could be potentially considered sexual. This session will use the understanding of these challenges as a jumping-off point to dig into:

  • How to Best Understand your customer in order to target marketing effectively
  • PR strategies that build your brand outside the boundaries of typical marketing channels
  • Native advertising and influencer marketing approaches that tell your story without triggering sensors
  • Learn the content that customers want now
  • Understand how to develop professional-quality content
  • MaryEllen Reider, Marketing Director, Yarlap
  • Maddy Siriouthay, CCO & Co-Founder, Ovee
  • Mia Davis, Founder & CEO, Tabu
  • Shakun Sethi, Founder, Tickle.Life

Networking Break

A Generational Understanding of Sex Tech Needs and Adoption

Sex is not just a young person’s game, humans of all ages need to understand their intimate wellness in order to achieve pleasure and maintain their health. Emerging organizations are developing products that improve not just sex at any age, but also help people of all generations to better understand their own bodies. This session offers:

  • An overview of current trends in generational wellness
  • Strategies for pinpointing your customer base and their particular needs
  • Marketing messages that resonate with your target audience
  • Lyndsey Harper, MD, Founder/CEO, Rosy
  • Alessandra Henderson, CEO & Co-Founder, Elektra Health
 Moderator: Kathrin Folkendt, Founder & CEO, FemTech Insider

Fireside Chat: Protecting Privacy with the advent of Data collection, Apps and Connected Devices

Sex Tech has gotten onto the quantifiable-self train with new devices that collect data and help users to better understand themselves. These technological advents offer both risks and benefits. During this session you will learn:

  • How to protect the privacy of customers using connected devices and apps
  • The benefits of providing customers with data about their sexual habits
  • The future of app-connected sex tech
  • Liz Klinger, Co-Founder, Lioness
  • Moderator: Jen Caltrider, Content Strategy Lead, Mozilla

XR, Robotics and Engineering Improvements – The Technological Future of Sex

Although emerging technology can add a real “cool factor” to new sex tech devices, tech for its own sake does not add value. Therefore as new opportunities to incorporate technology like XR, Robotics, or any other engineering marvel into Sex Tech, the first question should be: Why? Even before you ask: How? This session offers:

  • An overview of the most cutting edge technology incorporated into Sex Tech
  • Questions to ask before investing in any brand new tech
  • Engineering strategies to ensure your products are as functional as possible
  • Raven Faber, Founder & CEO, EngErotics LLC
  • Suki Dunham, Founder, OhMiBod
  • Najva Sol, Head of Community, Earnest Capital

Day 1 Concludes

Summit Concludes

(Re)Introduction to the Virtual Event Platform

  • Marni Edelhart, Conference Producer

Day 1 Recap, Day 2 Address from the Summit Chair

  • Polly Rodriguez, CEO & Co-Founder, Unbound

Roundtable: Meet the Entrepreneurs Driving the Industry

During this session, a panel of SexTech Founders and Entrepreneurs will take live questions while sharing their experiences building businesses in this industry.  

  • Jeff Bennett, CEO & Founder, Morari Medical
  • Taylor Sparks, Erotic Educator, and Founder, Organic Loven
  • Frances Tang, Founder, Come & Gone

Using Science to Master Sexual Wellness and Tap into an Eager Audience

Many SexTech and/or Intimate Wellness products make bold claims about being scientifically proven in one way or another. Not all of these claims, however, have any actual truth behind them. During this session, one founder will speak with the scientists who helped him develop a solution for a common challenge. These speakers will:

  • Discuss how you can demonstrate the validity of the science backing your products
  • Share testing and trial strategies
  • Explain how to pitch a potential solution to scientists for further examination
  • Jeff Bennett, CEO & Founder, Morari Medical
  • Dr. Matthew Zieglemann, Assistant Professor of Urology, The Mayo Clinic

Sexuality is Part of Being Human – Extreme Interventions to Maintain Sexual Functioning

Sexual health and wellness is a basic human need that many take for granted.  Certain conditions require novel interventions to remediate. From the outside some of these measures might seem extreme, but the willingness of patients to undergo intensive procedures in order to realize and/or maintain their sexuality speaks to how intrinsic sexuality is to our human experience. During this session, Dr. Dicken Ko, a pioneering surgeon in urology and transplantation, will give the perspectives of his first US penis transplant experience that continues to be successful since 2015.

  • Dr. Dicken S. C. Ko, Professor of Urology

SexTech Connect – An Introduction

  • Maxine Lynn, IP Attorney, Keohane & D’Alessandro, PLLC

Networking Break

Money Part 1: Investor Roundtable: Investors Reveal How they Evaluate the Start-Up Landscape

Getting financing as a Sex Tech business can be very tricky. Many investors prefer to stay away from what seems to them to be a risky investment. This roundtable of investors will reveal:

  • How to get a foot in the door with open-minded investors
  • What factors investors take into account when evaluating a new venture
  • The information and team you should have in place before even approaching new investors
  • Mike Edelhart, Managing Partner, Joyance
  • Henry Hewes, Managing Partner, Cedar Hill VC
  • Gerda Larsson, Managing Director & Co-Founder, The Case for Her
  • Aubrie Pagano, Partner, Corigin Ventures
  • Carli Sapir, Founding Partner, Reformation Ventures

Money Part 2: Banks, Payment Processors, Crowdfunding and the Financial Regulations your Need to Know to Finance and Secure your Business

Whether you found investors or are bootstrapping your business, money management doesn’t get easier for a Sex Tech brand once you are funded. Many banks and payment processors refuse to work with businesses they see fitting in a “vice” category. These speakers will share:

  • Lessons learned on the course to getting their finances in order
  • How to find a bank and/or payment processor to work with you
  • The pros and cons of crowdfunding your Sex Tech business
  • Genevieve LeJeune, CEO, Skirt Club
  • Suzanne Sinatra, CEO, Private Packs

Inclusion and Accessibility a Candid Conversation about Messaging and Product Design that Address the Full Breadth of Sexual Needs and Identities

SexTech companies have a very tricky tightrope to walk when it comes to inclusion and accessibility. Even as this industry does so much good in making sexual pleasure and wellness available to more people, it runs the risk of leaving those who don’t fit neatly into one side of a gender binary or who have mobility issues or even who are arriving with a very limited understanding of their own bodies on the outside. This very candid conversation will delve into tricky questions including:

  • What are the ethical implications of marketing products specifically to men and/or women?
  • How do we ensure that everyone feels welcome in the Intimate Wellness community?
  • Whose needs have, thus far, been left out of the Sex Tech Revolution?
  • Lex Gillon, Founder, Product Strategy Lead, Modality Group
  • Dr. Rachel Goldstein, General Surgeon and Plastic Surgery Fellow
  • Narine Semerdjian, Co-Founder & CEO, Beyond Delights
  • Jackie Rotman, Founder & CEO, Center for Intimacy Justice

Closing Keynote: The Altruistic Agenda: How a New Breed of Entrepreneurs is Doing Business Differently

  • Lora DiCarlo, Founder & CEO, Lora DiCarlo

Closing Remarks

Virtual Happy Hour

Grab a drink and bring it to your screen to cheers from afar while continuing to chat with and get to know your fellow conference participants.

Summit Concludes

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