Inclusion and Accessibility a Candid Conversation about Messaging and Product Design that Address the Full Breadth of Sexual Needs and Identities

SexTech companies have a very tricky tightrope to walk when it comes to inclusion and accessibility. Even as this industry does so much good in making sexual pleasure and wellness available to more people, it runs the risk of leaving those who don’t fit neatly into one side of a gender binary or who have mobility issues or even who are arriving with a very limited understanding of their own bodies on the outside.
This very candid conversation will delve into tricky questions including:

  • What are the ethical implications of marketing products specifically to men and/or women?
  • How do we ensure that everyone feels welcome in the Intimate Wellness community?
  • Whose needs have, thus far, been left out of the Sex Tech Revolution?


  • Lex Gillon, Founder, Product Strategy Lead, Modality Group
  • Dr. Rachel Goldstein, General Surgeon and Plastic Surgery Fellow
  • Narine Semerdjian, Co-Founder & CEO, Beyond Delights
  • Jackie Rotman, Founder & CEO, Center for Intimacy Justice