Narine Semerdjian

Co-Founder & CEO @ Beyond Delights

Narine has always been a rebel. Born into a restrictive Armenian culture, she rejected many of the traditions that forced women into a subservient role. After a diagnosis of Endometriosis at age 26, she was once again confronted, this time by Western medicines restrictive approach to healing. She was told that her options were birth control, have a baby, or a hysterectomy. Since she didn’t want any of that at the time, she turned to holistic medicine for answers. It was during her own journey to improve her reproductive health that she discovered many sexual wellness products are made from harmful materials that can cause or worsen certain reproductive issues. 

She created Beyond Delights with her husband, which stands as a resource of information about sex product safety, natural health, and provides the best collection of body-safe sex products available. In short; Beyond Delights is the resource Narine looked for when she started her wellness journey. Her desire for health has become a passion for change. 


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