Raven Faber

Founder & CEO @ EngErotics LLC

Raven founded EngErotics in 2016 in response to a clear lack of design standards and safety regulations in the sexual wellness industry. She has over a decade of engineering and sales experience and she is very passionate about using the fundamentals of engineering, math, and science as the basis for the design and development of high-quality sex toys as well as CBD infused intimate body care products. She is extremely passionate about normalizing the conversation surrounding sex and sex education and believes very deeply in the need for engineers and scientists to have a direct influence on how the world looks at intimate product design, formulation, quality, and safety.

Raven is a graduate of the University of Colorado Boulder and earned two degrees in engineering while in attendance there: a BS in Architectural Engineering and an MS in Civil Engineering; both with a focus on Structural Engineering. She has done structural design within a variety of different industries during the course of her career and has always enjoyed the multiple variables that come into play when designing a structure that must take movement of any kind into consideration. The dynamic element that motors and vibration can create within a design is one of the many things that inspired Raven to bring her engineering experience into the world of SexTech.

In addition to her engineering experience, Raven also spent nearly a decade in the world of direct sales. It was during this time that she learned an incredible amount about sex toys, the sexual wellness industry, the gaps in the market, and how to effectively sell intimacy products while putting potential customers at ease. While this particular industry was certainly an effective vehicle for her to spread her passion for intimacy products and sex education, it did not provide her with the opportunity to do what she really wanted: to design, to create, and to be the one at the helm of an industry-changing company. While the direct sales industry was not ultimately what Raven deemed to be her calling, she had no issue taking all that she had learned and applying it to the creation of her vision.

EngErotics now boasts a team of lady engineers and scientists who are as wildly passionate about changing the approach to intimate product design and development as Raven is and, together, they are constantly working to create a world in which intimacy products go hand in hand with engineering and science.

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